They are thoughtful listeners, skilled technicians and imaginative filmmakers who have perfected the art of storytelling.
— Ann Brady, Director, Rauschenberg Residency, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

Inspire your Viewers



If you are like most organizations, you work passionately for your cause and you are always looking to grow.

But growth isn't easy.  It takes an unending amount of work to pursue your mission, keep your talent aligned, and execute the next event at a high level. When is there time to increase your audience and multiply your support?

Engagement means more than just getting people to the table; it means reverberating in the mind by connecting your value directly to your audience. It means combining strategy and extraordinary content to achieve results that inspire action.


If I had to mention the best organization for making a film, I would say…’Dancing Camera is right there on the top of Mt. Everest.’
— Jacques d’Amboise, Founder, National Dance Institute

Your Story, Our Lens



We intimately understand the challenges you face.

We've worked with nonprofits, NGO's, and corporations for over a decade in New York City, helping them create materials that excite audiences, generate funding, and build an enthusiastic following.

Along the way we have learned a great deal, such as:

  • How to listen and coordinate your vision
  • How immersive, evocative content generates emotional response
  • The power of storytelling to integrate complex messages
  • Using movement to engage the senses and inspire action
  • How to harness collaborative creativity to build a shared vision
  • How to build trust and develop your brand with stories
  • And much more

Dancing Camera does what few others take the time to do— understand our vision. The fact they are able to create dynamic video for diverse genres is evidence of their ability to listen and take to heart what the organization seeks to transmit.
— Juan Castano, Managing Director, Calpulli Mexican Dance Company

Vibrant Storytelling



Our highest priority is to see your organization succeed by improving our world. Be it through art, education, or social activism; it's our conviction that lasting change is effected by evolving the stories underpinning our cultural beliefs

We want to make a difference every day, but don't take our word for it: watch our work, read what our clients say, and start evolving your story now.


our passion is to help

you grow yours.