Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation

We worked extensively with the Merce Cunningham Dance Foundation from 2008 until the Foundation's closure in 2012, and have since continued our work with the Merce Cunningham Trust. We developed content for three pioneering examples of Merce Cunningham's legacy - and we were honored to contribute to the legacy of one of the most important choreographers of our time.

Dancing Camera was an enormous asset to the Merce Cunningham Dance Company both during the creation of the web-series “Mondays with Merce” and throughout the groundbreaking MCDC Legacy Plan. The broadcast quality filming and editing of Cunningham repertory and the final performances at the Park Avenue Armory are legendary, and make the full glory of these celebrated occasions available to those unable to experience them in person.
— Trevor Carlson, Executive Director (2005-2012), Cunningham Dance Foundation