Ragamala Dance Company

The world-renowned Ragamala Dance Company is co-directed by Renee and Aparna Ramaswamy - mother and daughter - with help from Ashwini, Aparna's sister. Extraordinary dancers all, they collaborate to create Ragamala's stunning, award-winning work that explores the ancestral to the personal through the language of classical Indian dance.

Who better to mine the depths of an ancient form through a contemporary approach than two generations of superb and dedicated talent?

Nic Petry’s experience as a dance artist brings a deep sense of physicality and movement to his filmmaking. He is incredibly invested in each project he works on; we had many candid, in-depth discussions of how we could work together to make the films as dynamic as possible. Dancing Camera is a fantastic resource for artists who want to make their on stage work come alive on screen.
— Aparna Ramaswamy, Co-Artistic Director, Ragamala Dance Company