Robert Rauschenberg Foundation

World-renowned artist Robert Rauschenberg left a body of work nearly unparalleled after more than 40 years of art-making. His legacy of philanthropy and education thrives today thanks to the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation. We've worked with the Foundation over multiple projects to illuminate the singular Residency program, highlight over 30 grantees in cities across the US, and launch profiles of artists who are changing the world in the spirit of Bob's legacy.

Dancing Camera brings an innate artistic sensibility to every project, choreographing each component with intention and ingenuity. Nic Petry and his team are natural collaborators who are eager to understand an organization’s mission, a project’s focus and a client’s perspective.

They are thoughtful listeners, skilled technicians and imaginative filmmakers who have perfected the art of storytelling.
— Ann Brady, Director, Rauschenberg Residency, Robert Rauschenberg Foundation





On-location Production for the cost of a local shoot.

the rauschenberg residency



We re-purposed footage from a previous shoot and conducted local interviews to get inside the groundbreaking Rauschenberg Residency in Captiva, Florida from the artist's point of view. Hear about the impact of Robert Rauschenberg’s legacy of philanthropy and generosity firsthand from the artists whose lives and work were profoundly changed by the experience.

Combining previous high-value on-location shoots with local filming is one of many strategies we employ to keep production costs low and production value high.

But more than smart production, these stories not only involve the viewer in the feeling of the residency, they further the client's mission: Bob's legacy lives on through new generations of artists seeking to change the world through art.






Grantee Highlights

After filming interviews with the Foundation's 2015 Artist As Activist grantees, we created concise profiles introducing each artist, their project scope, and their goals.

Weaving together interviews and motion graphics with material the artists provide, these stories convey a consistent message and mission for positive social change. 

As a leading organization, your support and funding directly serves your grantees, and the work of your grantees directly serves the world. Video profiles demonstrate this impact by engaging the hearts and minds of donors and other community members.

And they also happen to be the perfect shareable resource for fundraising, building awareness, and a sought-after social media presence.


Intimate Profiles

Maximum Reach


Rising Water Confab

Rising Water Confab



Rising Waters Confab

NOW more than EVER


Climate change is real and it is happening now. Overwhelming scientific consensus confirms changes occurring faster than even the most aggressive models predict.

The Rauschenberg Foundation has taken on climate change from the front row on Captiva Island, Florida - the Foundation's residency property - charging curator Buster Simpson with assembling a visionary group of artists, scientists, activists and educators to navigate responses. 

We created a piece to highlight the efforts of the group and bring awareness to the importance of this work, because none of us can avoid the consequences.