Picking up the pieces

Not all projects go smoothly, and disruptions can be part of the mixture. In this case, Storm King came to us to help them finish two projects that were only partially complete. With most of the material for the pieces already shot, we gathered supporting footage and put together two short exhibition features from the pieces that were left. 

We helped shape the stories and made sense of the material when things didn't work out the first time. Good storytelling can help at any stage of the process, and we can help your project at any stage of the process.

We shot an interview with David and filled in missing pieces of footage to bring this exhibit piece into focus. A tractor buried underground! And we loved the decor of David's studio in Dumbo...

This project was further along; which, in a way, can make the storytelling more difficult. Thomas's many works and previously shot interview needed shrewd editing, and we helped it along.