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We are honored to support talented Bharatanatyam dancers on their monumental debuts.

Building on a proven history of working with some of New York's top Bharatanatyam gurus, we can offer video support in all stages of the performance, including the creation of promotional material, performance documentation, and filmic videos of the entire event.

Please let us know how we can customize the experience to showcase your exceptional dancer.

Show Documentation
and Live Streaming

With a variety of camera set ups to choose from, be assured that we will expertly capture the beauty and hard work the dance presents on stage.


The Arangetram of Ellora Tapales (Excerpts)

Performance Day Films 

Capture every part of this incredible day in a stunning film. Consider combining it with the performance documentation for the full experience.


The Arangetram of Aditi Narayanan

(Introduction Excerpt)

Promotional Videos

Excite your guests with these stylish short videos, which can be shared leading up to the arangetram. 


Promotional Materials for

Sandhya Kilambi


Consider an artful edit of your performance and documentary footage as a short and easily sharable version of the incredible event.


The Arangetram of Kiki Jain

Dance For Camera

These short films are perfect for those seeking greater creative flexibility in how the dances are captured, and are also ideal for virtual events


Mahika Chawla Arangetram

Audition Tapes

Stand out with these beautiful videos created from your chosen selections of the arangetram


The Arangetram of Kiki Jain

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